South of France Tour (6-9 Jun 2023)

From Nice up into the hills including stages of the Rally Monte Carlo

Experience some of the most spectacular country roads in the world. Between Nice, Sospel and Valberg in the Département Alpes-Maritimes we will explore the wildest passes for 3 days, taking in some stages of the Rally Monte Carlo.

As with all tours, we are guided through the region by a professional driver so that you don’t have to stress about navigating and can concentrate fully on driving. In addition, a technical team from BAC will accompany us in support vehicles with everything we need to ensure that we are optimally provided for and that there are no limits to the driving fun.

We set up camp in the middle of the mountains north of Nice in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Here we have a chalet to ourselves, from where we will drive various routes and where we are spoiled with culinary delights by a private chef after a long day at the wheel.

The Tour Details

Arrival day, June 6

  • Individual arrival to Nice, arrival of the cars
  • 2h Sunset ride to the mountains north of Nice
  • Arrival at our chalet in the mountains
  • Dinner, drinks & Mono talk

Day 1, June 7

  • Early start and guided tour heading to Sospel
  • Lunch break en route
  • Afternoon: Arrival at our chalet in the mountains
  • Sunset ride to explore the passes in the area
  • Return to home base
  • Dinner, drinks & Mono talk

Day 2, June 8

  • Guided day tour to the area of Valberg
  • Lunch break en route
  • Return to home base in the evening
  • Dinner, drinks & Mono talk

Day 3, June 9

  • Guided return to Nice after breakfast
  • Individual departure from Nice in the afternoon
  • Arrival in Nice around 2.30 pm (please book fligts accordingly)
  • Optional overnight stay in Nice (not included)

Please register and secure your seat at

Hotel & transport arrangements

Collective transport to the starting point of the tour can be arranged. Please fill in the tour registration form on our website and we will contact you with an individual offer.

Special deal for all UK owners: Free pickup logistics for your Mono to Liverpool. Book a service for your car with BAC and your car will be picked up and loaded on group transport before the tour free of charge. Please contact James Farrow at BAC:

If you would like to stay an additional night in Nice on June 9 before travelling home, let us know and we will help you book a hotel.

Special Offer

All those who decide to additionally participate in the Alpine Tour in July will receive a 10% discount on the price of the Alpine Tour. In addition, we can offer you storage of your Mono between the two tours at a safe location near Innsbruck - the starting point of our Alpine Tour. Including transport from Nice to Innsbruck if needed.

I’m excited for this event! All signed up! For us whom have never done this before. Do most people wear a helmet? What kinda dress? Weather? Tips for packing?!

Yeah we all are excited!

As for helmets: as you prefer. Some drive with helmet some dont. I never drive with Helmet – only if it rains.

Packing: pack light. We have a support vehicle that takes our luggage but obviously the space is limited. Be prepared for rain so always bring a rain jacket (I suggest BAC driver’s jacket) and wet pants for the worst case scenario. Besides that all casual. We dont have super formal dinners etc. smart casual will do for evenings. If you decide to drive without helmet: Sunglases AND sun blocker!!!

Weather: In june in the south of France we will be looking at temperatures in the range of 20-25 degrees (Celcius) – it might get e bit cooler up in the mountains.

Hope that helps! :wink: