Registering your Mono in the USA

I know this is popular topic of discussion for all BAC mono owners here in the USA. For many years it was down to trial and error along with a lot of frustrations as the process can take many weeks or even months. As the number of BAC Mono owners continue to grow around the US we are now in a position to share our experiences and make it easier for future owners.

After getting my Mono back in September 2022, I explored options for registering it in Texas where I live but in the end decided to register it in Montana which turned out to be relatively easy.

At the end of the day you first have to set up an LLC in Montana and then go through the registration process. I used the company below and they were able to take care of everything:

After it was all said I done the whole process from start to actually having a Montana plate on my car was around 3 to 4 weeks.

Would love to hear about other options you have all tried and I realize this can vary from State to State.

For California under SB-100, the process does take a couple of months, but here was my process:

  1. Fill out DMV forms REG 5036 and REG 343. Vehicle make is listed as SPCNS - this is critical. Under Statement of Facts, write, “This is a self-assembled SPCNS. I purchased the body and chassis from Briggs Automotive Company and the powertrain (motor+transmission) from Mountune. Assembly was completed by XXXX”

  2. Get Insurance (if you want a temp operating permit)

  3. Go to DMV to request a sequence number - you’ll need the above two documents filled out, your MSO from BAC, proof of insurance, and your invoices for: Kit, Motor, assembly (unless you did the assembly yourself). While they don’t have to give you a temporary operating permit, if you’re polite and have your docs all filled out and you pay your use tax, you will be issued a TOP on the spot. This is good for 90 days.

  4. Obtain a brake and light inspection (You can do this before #3, but not required, really depends on location - I did this immediately after picking up my Mono)

  5. Once you receive your paper sequence number in the mail, you can schedule a CHP VIN verification (it can take weeks or more to get this appointment, and they’ll ask you if you’ve received your sequence number before making the appt). This is the first time anyone asked to look at the car in person besides the brake and light inspection.

  6. Call the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) to arrange a BAR appointment for an SB-100 review - prior to confirming the appointment, they will ask for all the above documentation, as well as a couple photos of the car, as well as a photo of the “PCV valve” - it helps if you label the hose going into the airbox “PCV Valve” when you take the photo.

  1. Bring car and packet to BAR for review. They will input into the system, and give you a receipt.

  2. Bring your big pile of documents to the DMV and get yourself a license plate. You now have a fully road legal, titled BAC Mono in California, with California plates.


Having just gone to get my Caterham registered, I need to make a change to the above. Swap #3 and #4, otherwise the DMV will not provide a Temporary Operators Permit.